Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Independence For All!!!

Ughhhh,it's 10th of Ramadhan already...
Aku siap buat kuih raya lagi,all on my own
(ok,my mom helped)
Sape yang nak merasa mai ah datang,
Ni sneak preview...

Time sure passes very fast nowadys huh?Rasa macam
just yesterday I had my 1st bukak puasa at home and 
just now was the last. (T_T)
No!It's not the time to be sad coz it's now
Merdeka Day!!!Yeppie kita merdeka!But not for me
lar coz I got SPM to worry about what!!!
Still got to say this, Happy Merdeka!

Patutnya hari ni la yang satu Malaysia berhappy
gumbira tapi kami, bebudak exam meniti kehadiran
ia yang tak diingini.
Well, actually I'm not really into Merdeka celebration
so, I don't really care about it tapi,
sebagai rakyat Malaysia kena lah hargai ye dak?
 Kalau kita tak merdeka lagi, cuba bayangkan hidup
kita skang nieh camner ek?
Mesti takde orang tempatan yang hidup mewah,
takde menara klcc, takde midvalley,
takde spm...

Takde SPM, that's it!!!
Kalau skang ni kita still kena jajah,mesti
SPM takde betul tak?Coz mostly orang Melayu
akan belajar kat pondok or just dok rumah
hisap cerut jer kan?And the chinese will
either kerja kat ladang teh or bukak kedai
ais kacang.While indians can just run
a barber shop or get into the getah
And the imperialise dat is conquering us
won't let us have high education
coz dia takut kita merdeka right?
That's it, right?
I've found the solution to end this nightmare
of Spm.Just have to make Malaysia dijajah
I'm so clever what?

Boleh ke camtu? 
Ugh,just ignore what I said.
Like I'm gonna sell my country
just for this little exam,huh.
Bring it on,man!!!
I'm not scared of you!
I'll face you like a man,o Spm!
But please go easy on me...
*oh god, please help me getting trough this exam,it's driving me nuts.Oh yeah, and please give me the best excuse to tell my parents if I don't succeed.I shall give it my all and I hope you will give me your best help.For I know You ain't helping no one unless he helps himself.Ameen

Friday, August 28, 2009


11 bulan syaitan menggoda hati yang lemah ni, it's time to redeem myself.Memang orang kata mustahil hasil kerja kotor 11 bulan kita boleh dalam masa 1 bulan right?Imagine kalau sekian lama kita sentiasa bergelumang dalam maksiat,can we really ubah diri dalam masa sebulan?Of course not.For this is Ramadhan,the month to change ourselves.Okay guys, cuba fikir jap.Kenapa kalau time contohnya cikgu tak masuk kelas and pesan kat korang suruh study, there's a big possibility that you guys will either sleep, chat, reading novels(girls khususnya) or just wasting time doing something unclever?Tapi in case of Ramadhan,even though takde orang yang dok pantau kita 24/7, takde orang paksa kita pon, kita still dedicate taknak makan, minum or buat benda-benda yang batalkan puasa.Ask yourselves,why is this so?The answer is because kita beriman yang Allah is keeping a watch on us and that Allah knows everything that is happening right?Boleh jer kalau time-time cam cuti sekolah nih,mak ayah tengah keje,kita dok rumah sensorang gi bukak cabinet dapur masak maggi sepeket yer dak?Tak pun kedai mamak bukak, gi jer la beli roti canai lapan keping kan?Tapi kita tak buat sumer tu because of faith in the power of The Almighty Allah (s.w.a).So, hayyan bina li ihya il ramadhan!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Uwaghh!!! What am I doing?People keep babbling to me forcing me to concentrate on my studies but here I am in the middle of the night starting a blog????? If my brothers or parents knew about it I'm dead for sure.(surely I don't want that to happen) Anyways, I suppose I'm not the time of guy who is gonna write a diary so this will be the place where the whole world will hear my heart's voice.(I kinda feel like I'm talking like a girl) Oh yeah, just in case,for those who knew nothing about me, there are a few things I wanna set up straight.There are many types of human nowadays. And some of them are made of different combination of personalities.And people might consider me as one of those individuals. Tell me one thing, is it wrong for an Islamic Student (that's me) to be an Anime Freak (which is also me)? I don't think there's any problem to it as long as you know how to control yourselves right? But then, every now and then when I am reading manga around the 'alim' boys they would say that I am immature, and doesn't reflect the muslim within. And whenever I am around an otaku or an otaku wannabies (which most of them are),they would act as if whenever I do something Islamic it looks weird and awkward to them. Why?Is it wrong for a muslim kid (actually a teen) to indulge in the world of manganime.Come on man, I can totally control myself not like I'm gonna be like those otaku around akihabara no? Come on guys, there are a lot of my kinds these days and hopefully this sort of thing won't become a topic anymore.
+ = ME